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The Unemployment Logs: Tekzilla Video Question

It's a much nicer day, but that doesn't detract from the fact that my Xbox is broken.  It's getting the "Open Tray" error (this is the only "official" article I can find, and even this is incomplete), and soon I'll be getting a new disc drive so I can do a DIY repair.

But that doesn't stop me from recording the Unemployment Logs and testing out my "news anchor voice."

Here's the links:

The article with Jannard's comment

RED Digital Cinema

Some TV shows and movies shot on Red:

District 9
The Informant
The Book of Eli
ER (the final season)
The Lovely Bones
and S. Darko; A Donnie Darko Tale

Here's a prosumer camera I got my eyes on: the JVC GY-HM700u

My pal, Jedidiah Dwyer. Anyone in California looking for a talented guy, hire him!!



And even better than a link, here's the actual show.  You won't have to wait long, since my question is the first thing they get to.

And here's what I ended up getting, a Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X993

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The Unemployment Logs: Fresh Graduates

Four of my friends just graduated and are looking for jobs as well.  I decided to show all their montages (in no particular order).  I'll stop yammering in the post so you can watch the embedded video now.

Now for the contact info (this time in very precise alphabetical order):

Jedidiah Dwyer:

Rachel Longman:

Eric Quigley:

Alex Weston:

For all posts regarding graduates from the Art Institute of Washington, go to www.holdyourshoe.com/aiw.

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Congrats to the Grads!

Four of my friends just graduated yesterday from the Art Institute of Washington with BFAs in Digital Film and Video Production, just like I did 3 months ago!

And just like me, they need jobs.  So in the next Unemployment Logs, I'll be showing their montage reels.

Stay tuned!