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Worst Ride Ever.

So there I am, bartending like I do, when this crazy wind decides our awning should be on the sidewalk. Now, you should never allow your business's awning to remain unattended on the sidewalk; it could be picked up by a stranger or, worse, start jaywalking.

So we head out to keep it company and maybe convince it to come around to a less windy side of the building.

Some sweet talking later, we've convinced it to come with us. When we came around the corner, either the wind picked up or the awning saw a squirrel who owes him $50, but suffice it to say he took off across the street.

So this rude awning never even gave us a heads up, just wrenched out of my hand and knocked me down onto the brickwork. Put a gash on the back of my head, scratched my elbow and twisted my wrist.

And this asshole awning just sits on the lawn across the road, mocking us. We put that bastard in time-out by the loading dock.

0 out of 5, would not recommend.